3D printing technology

3D Printing: The Next Big Thing in Evidence?

3D printing has been gaining popularity through the past several years. Usually thought of as an industrial printing type, personal 3D printers have made their way to market and can be purchased through companies such as Amazon.com and Staples. The size and quality of these printers varies, but what attorneys should be considering is how […]


Are E-Signatures Right for Your Practice?

The business world is changing. It has been for the past decade or so. One of the innovations from the tech world is the use of electronic signatures (E-signatures) in document drafting. Many software programs, including Adobe Acrobat, allow the use of a digital E-signature to authenticate and sign a document. Would your practice benefit […]

Clean Air Act CLE

The EPA, Emissions, and Citizen Suits

Several recent cases involving the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) exemptions and affirmative defenses to emissions violations during Start-up, Shutdown, and Maintenance (SSM) periods have prompted to EPA to propose eliminating State Implementation Plans (SIPs) which would bar citizen suits for emissions violations during SSM periods. Prior SIPs have acted as a shield against civil penalties […]

Looking Toward the Future of California Law and Marijuana

A recent 2016 Legalization Panel met to discuss not only how to get the crop legalized, but how legalization would be followed by regulation and dissemination. Many questions remained after Prop 19, especially how a business of legal marijuana would actually work. Leading activists, businessmen, and attorneys gathered on the panel to discuss how a […]

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